Top International Recharge Plans by Airtel

Airtel launches repeatedly, remarkable international roaming plans for its customers. These plans, including recent 10-day plans, among the first launched by Airtel, are flexible according to your needs and budget. Airtel has acknowledged the diverse needs of international travellers from India. By using their newly upgraded Airtel Thanks application you will be able to track your data usage in real-time and hence, can avoid the concern of bill shocks.

Airtel through their new plans has focused on connecting their customers 24X7 with their loved ones back home. These international roaming plans range from medium time international visits or even monthly international visits. If you are a first-time international traveller, this is huge news that for the first time, all the incoming calls have been made free of charge. These plans can also be prepaid or postpone. The other features of the international Airtel recharge pack are their capacity to adjust the plans for their advantage making them flexible and convenient. These international plans by Airtel are so flexible that you may enable or disable the international roaming services by using the Airtel Thanks App.

The popular recharge plans by Airtel launched recently as mentioned in their press release are:

  1. Travel Basics- recharge packs for prepaid customers:
  2. The plan of ₹ 1199 includes 1 GB Data with 100 minutes of free calling between Indian and the host country and unlimited SMS incoming services. The validity of the plan is 30 days.
  3. This plan at ₹ 799 is created to help you avail 100 minutes of free calling services between India and the host country accompanied by unlimited SMS service. This airtel recharge pack has a validity of 30 days.
  4. Travel Unlimited- Global Packs available for prepaid and postpaid customers both, to ensure they make no compromise with their digital life while having to visit international destinations.
  5. This plan at ₹ 4999 includes 1 GB data per day, 500 minutes of free outgoing calls between India and the host country, unlimited incoming SMS, and unlimited incoming calls with a validity of 10 days.

These lucrative plans will ease your connectivity issues during international travel. Also, these plans have been covered the most frequently visited international destinations. So, no matter what your travel plan is, the international Airtel Recharge Plans has included customizable plans as per your convenience. You may now think of other plans while traveling for leisure or business purposes and leave the connectivity issue for it will be taken care of by the newly announced international Airtel recharge packs.

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