Smart Ways to Cut Back On Your Monthly Postpaid Bill

Mobile phones are a necessity. Call them boon or bane; we cannot live without a mobile phone. But some of us end up paying way too much every month in the name of the monthly bill. Don’t you wonder why it is so?

With the network operators offering us unique schemes to save money on data and voice calls, our monthly bills should go down. Yet, we find the opposite happening in many cases. It’s perplexing and makes us want to lash out at the customer representatives or others. While some can shift from postpaid to prepaid, the option doesn’t work for everyone.

So how do we reduce the monthly postpaid bill while being smart about it? Many times we tend to miscalculate and do not fully understand our usage of data or voice plans. We choose the one that sounds attractive and end up paying more than what we use, instead of taking advantage of the plans.

Know Your Usage

Don’t rely on the customer service representatives to help you choose the right plan. They don’t know you as you do. Take time out to observe how much data you consume each day or how many calls you make. Track it over a few months. This can be easily done by going through the bills of the previous months. Make a note of your usage for each month. What do you use more? Is it data, voice calls, messages, etc.?

Search for the Best Plan

Every network operator has a bunch of plans. While some are hyped, others are not as famous. Scroll through all their plans. Don’t stick to the recommended plans alone. For example, when you check the Airtel postpaid bill payment offers; ensure to read all the postpaid plans listed on the website. You can either download the app or scroll through the website. If you pay bills through Airtel Payments Bank, you get many exciting offers and discounts too.

Sort the Postpaid Plans

Since you cannot sort the plans based on the voice calls (all postpaid plans offer unlimited voice calling), you will have to check what additional benefits you can gain by opting for a particular plan. We know it is a bit time-consuming, but if you want to save a decent amount on your monthly postpaid bill, you will have to do this.

Data Offers

If you rely on your mobile phone for internet services, you will need a lot of data. Choose a plan that offers you more data. It might cut back on other benefits like messages. But it will help you get the right plan.

Now, in the reverse scenario where you use mobile data only for a few hours because you have a Wi-Fi or broadband connection at home/ office, you can invariably go for a plan with the minimum data offer. This could potentially reduce the bill amount you pay.

All said and done, you will also need to find the best network operator. Check the postpaid plans offered by other operators. If you find a suitable plan elsewhere, port your number.

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