Here's how the Vodafone Idea became Vi

Vodafone Idea has recently rebranded itself as Vi. This was a major announcement that had come on 7th September this year. Vodafone Idea has decided to make a fresh start with the new logo and the new brand identity. However, some experts are saying that the rebranding would definitely come at a cost. Rebranding has always been a costly affair. This had been so in the case of Snapdeal in 2016, for Hero when it parted with Honda in 2011 and it was the same for Airtel in 2010. So the next time you are paying your bills, make sure that you do a Vi bill payment.

How is rebranding such a big deal?

It is expensive to launch new brands. But Vi is not a new brand. However, even replacing the past will become a costly affair. There need to be new signages, graphics, and dealer boards that will prove to be costly. Also, the company needs to make consumers aware of the new brand. That has never been easy. Customers take some time to associate the old brands with their new identities and this can often hamper sales. But Vi’s rebranding was being awaited for quite some time. With their merger in August 2018, it was becoming a necessity.

What justifies the high costs involved?

Consider you want to make a Vi bill payment. However, right until the last month, you were paying to Vodafone Idea. Where has this new brand come from? Has the company changed hands? Will the services still be as good? There are a lot of things that go through the minds of the customer. Vi ads have been on TV and other digital platforms from September 7. There is a noisy multimedia campaign that is announcing the rebranding. Not every company goes through a successful rebranding.

So Vi had to pay for market researchers and consultants who research if the rebranding would be a good idea. The actual implementation will include changing the signage on buildings, changing the letterheads of the company, updating name tags, and the websites. There is a lot of stuff involved in the process. The high cost will drain away most of the marketing budget that the company has.

Vodafone Idea needed a new name

Vodafone itself has seen a lot of rebranding throughout its life. The company had gone from Max Touch, Orange, BPL to Hutchison Essar, and then Vodafone. Hutch was probably the last brand that people still remember Vodafone by. However, a new brand name was becoming very necessary. The two companies had merged at a corporate level. More than 2 years had passed by and a lot of customers seemed confused about the fact that their number would either show Vodafone or Idea. The Vi rebranding puts an end to all confusion and creates something new and dependable. You can now make your Vi bill payment with no confusion.

You can make your Vi bill payment, airtel bill payment, BSNL bill payment, and jio bill payment through the Airtel Payments Bank platform. This will help you save a lot through the exclusive cashback offers.

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