Should I Start A Pension or Rely on Savings and Investments?

Are you at the age that you are starting to think about your retirement? While you should always start preparing for retirement at an early age, a lot of people delay thinking about it, focusing on spending and enjoying themselves. But there comes a time when you need to start preparing how you are going to enjoy your current lifestyle when you stop working. In particular, a lot of people debate whether they should focus on starting a pension or continue building their savings and investments.

Continue to Build Savings

Enjoying the money that you earn is important. This is a good way to motivate yourself and enjoy some downtime after all of that hard work during the week. But saving at the same time is recommended. This is going to ensure you are prepared for any emergencies that come your way and know you have money to support you and your family. Therefore, you should not stop increasing your savings if you are planning on retiring.

Enjoy a Pension

There are some people that avoid paying into a pension when they are working. After all, they are young and are not thinking this far in advance. However, creating a pension many years before you retire can be a great investment. The earlier you start the better. There are a lot of perks that come with a pension that cannot be enjoyed with savings and investments. Some of the benefits of having a pension include tax relief. In other words, contributing to your pension while you are working will allow you to save paying out so much in tax.

If you are an expat, you can great some great advance from You can really benefit from having a pension, including avoiding an overseas transfer charge when you have a qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme or QROPS. We are talking about avoiding up to a 40 percent charge for transferring your pension.

Be Careful with Investments

Having investments is a great way to make money. For example, owning property allows you to make money from renters. But be aware that you will still be paying a lot in tax when you retire. You will still have insurances to pay and other outgoings. While some people do not find this a problem, others may wish to be more efficient with their money when they head into retirement. So, be careful with investments.

It is best to have a combination of savings, investment and a pension before you retire. This can allow you to maintain your current lifestyle and not have to make any sacrifices. What’s more, you can have money to spend, whether you want to travel or start a new hobby. Always take your time and consider the best options for you. In particular, do not be afraid to seek expert advance to help you maximize your money in retirement. After all, your senior years are supposed to be rewarding!

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