Getting bike insurance through auto company vs getting it online. Which is better & why?

Two-wheelers have made our travel experience easier. It has helped to make travelling more convenient and less time-taking, especially for shorter distances. However, it’s not always safe riding two-wheeler. Due to this reason, the Government of India has come out with stricter rules to help make riding bikes safer. Along with that getting two-wheeler insurance has been made mandatory by the government.

Two-wheeler insurance provides coverage for the expenses, which may arise from the damage done to the motorbike in an unanticipated event. Insurance policy will help to reimburse the costs of repair and also provide coverage for the damage occurred due to events like theft. A two-wheeler insured with an insurance policy may get all-round protection under different insurance policy offers. To know more about insurance policy offer, check

As the insurance policy provides various coverage and facility, the demand for the same has also soared. The ever increasing demand for the bikes and along with that the bike insurance policy has put insurance companies under pressure to come up with much better offers for the insurees. People today have the option of getting the policy for cheapest bike insurance online from either an auto company or else directly from an insurance company. Both the mode of purchase of insurance policy holds their respective pros and cons.

Two-wheeler insurance policy: Online VS Offline

People have numerous options available in the market to avail a bike insurance policy. If you have been wondering whether to avail it online or offline, then do check out the following comparative study of the two modes of availing the insurance policy and steps to get the cheapest bike insurance online.

Cost comparison

Online two-wheeler insurance providers offer lucrative discounts to customers. The low cost of purchase captivates people more easily to purchase the insurance online. Besides the discount, online insurance providers do not have any intermediaries involved, which reduces intermediary charges. Altogether, it sums up that the available cheapest bike insurance online is more enticing for the customers rather than purchasing it offline.


No doubt that in the case of an online facility, your time would be saved to a great extent. As whisking from one insurance company to another is a hectic job. Ao to help save your time, visit an online portal of any insurance company and read the documents clearly before purchasing it.

Intermediaries involved

No involvement of the agent turns the decision making factor more subtle under an online purchase facility. This would be considered helpful in the long run as you would be aware of the terms and conditions of the policy. On the other hand, offline insurance policies offered by auto companies often hire agents who at times try to add more features to your insurance policy which would be beneficial for their company.


The websites ask for limited information and ensure that you will get through it quickly. In contrast to that, the auto companies would ask for your numerous photocopies to get approval from the branch head for the issuance of the insurance policy.

Interactive tool

Under the online facility, even if there is no agent involved, in case of emergency, you may ask for a representative’s assistance to clear your doubts. The online portal has an interactive tool that informs you of cheapest bike insurance online updates and renewal period from time to time. You may pay your premium online as well. In the alternative case, the relationship manager helps you with the documents and keeps you updated regarding your insurance policy.

Apart from the benefits, the online portal has been reported to become a ground for fraudulent services. So, it is advised to double-check with the online portal before availing the cheapest bike insurance online.

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