Helpful Tips to Save Money on Towing Fees

There are numerous situations when you’ll inevitably need the services of a towing company. Maybe you’re in the middle of a busy road when your car stops or forget your keys inside your inaccessible vehicle. In these situations, you will often need the services of a towing company. If you want to minimize the costs of hiring them, these tips will help:

Don’t fall victim to towing scams

A sure way to inflate your bills five-fold is to get scammed. The first sign that you should avoid a towing business is if its operator appears out of nowhere, willing to help. They can either be pushy or extremely comforting. They are good at convincing vulnerable customers into following their lead. In hindsight, they have paid spotters who refer any potential businesses to them. This explains why they are in the area almost immediately after you needed help. It is common to have trucks lining up for your business, which is an even better reason to be careful. It is vital to not provide any insurance details early on. Several scammed clients experienced being called by who they thought was their insurance company. Be cautious with deceitful practices, and do not engage.

Actively look for a well-grounded towing company

Dodgy towing services will present themselves to you, whereas you’ll have to look for well-intentioned businesses. A dependable towing company will have positive reviews from clients and will have a fairly established presence. Word of mouth is often accurate, so try asking for referrals from friends if you can.

Understand your insurance coverage

Some insurance policies offer more comprehensive coverage than others. Knowing the fees covered by the insurance company will give you peace of mind. Besides this, you can help your insurance provider investigate better. Create detailed documentation of what happened, before you finalize a contract with any towing company. Instead of telling the story through mere words, you can do this through facts and photos. Obtain the name, address, and contact details of all the parties involved. This is essential in the occurrence of accidents. Any attending police officer will make a report, and you will have to request a copy of this. You will also have to take photos of any damage your car suffered. This will clearly show damage incurred before and during towing.

Bring your car to your preferred auto repair shop

Some repair shops are notorious for holding cars hostage until an inflated sum is paid either by the client or by the insurance company. In some instances, the cost is so expensive that car owners end up paying a portion. Legitimate towing West Palm Beach companies will always ask for your preferred body shop, and this is where they will tow your car to. If you don’t know of any repair shops, you can liaise with your insurance agent.

Many clients are left traumatized after dealing with the wrong towing companies. As long as you have a reputable towing service and auto repair shop in mind, you can prevent most price inflation scams.


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